Wind Power

Whisper 175 Wind Turbine

Re-engineered for greater reliability
and superior performance

The largest wind turbine in our family delivers over 3200 watts for large power requirements. With 10 years of operational history, the Whisper 175 has proven itself to be quiet and reliable. Over 800 Whisper 175's have been installed providing a dependable power supply for people around the world.

The Whisper 175 has double the blade area of the Whisper H-80 resulting in double the energy at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)

If you have a large energy demand, this is the machine for you. Depending on the wind speed average, the Whisper 175 will provide enough energy to operate your entire home.


Rotor Diameter 15 ft. (4.5 m)
Blades Carbon reinforced fiberglass
Weight 155 lbs. (70 kg.)
Mount 5" Schedule 40 (12.7 cm)
Start-up Wind Speed 7 mph (3.1 m/s)
Voltage (48 vdc switchable) 24, 36, 48
Peak Power 3200 watts at 28 mph (12 m/s)
Controller (included) 200 amp EZ-WireTM
Warranty Two year full parts replacement

* High voltage model available


The Whisper 175 is used in countless applications from Village Power projects in the Caribbean to mountain top telecommunication sites in Washington State.

With the High voltage option, the Whisper 175 can be located more than 2 miles (3.2 km) from the batteries.


The Whisper 175 now includes several upgrades that offer more value, greater reliability and improved performance:

The upgraded yaw shaft is now 50% larger for greater strength.

The alternator now features three main bearings
for smoother operation.

The Hub incorporates new support straps for improved blade stability.

EZ-WireTM Universal Charge Controller

Standard with every Whisper 175 wind turbine, the EZ-Wire Charge controller is designed to control current from wind, solar and hydro charging sources to prevent battery overcharging. Simplify your system with one controller capable of regulating as much as 200 amps. Excess power is diverted through a resistor bank that can be used for area heating.


  • Bright LED display for easy monitoring of batteries and performance of wind and PV or hydro sources.
  • Input device circuit breaker
  • Wind turbine stop switch
  • Output for DC loads
  • 200 amp resistor bank for area heating
  • Voltage adjustable for various battery types
  • Large terminal lugs for easy wiring

Patented Angle Governor

Exclusive to the Whisper is the ANGLE-FURLTM, an incredibly effective, Whisper quiet, method of protecting the Whisper 175 in high winds. Unlike other wind turbines that lose as much as 80% of their output when furled, the ANGLE-FURLTM maintains maximum output in all winds.

Power Curve