Generator/Inverter Systems

Most people who operate generators for prime power understand that there are drawbacks. The main one is they use almost as much fuel running no loads or small loads as they do powering larger loads. With varying loads, efficiencies are between 5% to 30%. If the generator is shut down, for maintenance or for economical reasons, there is no power for lights or small power tools etc.

There is a solution to these problems. Add an inverter/charger and batteries to the generator system. These components used in industry and other remote applications can provide good reliable power when the generator is not running.

The benefits of using such a system are:

1) The generator will run at efficiencies approaching 80%.
2) Less hours on an expensive generator, reductions in fuel consumption and less scheduled maintenance such as oil changes.
3) No need to run the generator continuously.
4) Power will be available to operate lights, microwaves, furnace fans, small electrical tools, etc. when the generator is shut down.

The system can also monitor the battery levels and auto-start the generator and shut down as required to maintain battery levels automatically.

Each system can be custom designed with "off the shelf components" to meet any requirements.

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