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A Simpler, safer, more comprehensive
approach to tilt tower kit construction!

New from AEROMAX
AEROMAG Load Transport Tilt Up Tower Kit

The AEROMAG LOAD TRANSPORT TILT TOWER KIT has been designed, for greater safety and ease of installation utilizing superior components combined with the finest quality hardware available.

Simple and durable guyed AEROMAG LOAD TRANS-PORT TILT TOWER structure super simplifies your tower erections with enhanced safety features.


  • Most complete Tower Kit on the Market
  • Superior Structural Design utilizes forged and machined couplers
  • Most advanced light weight Tilt Base available today
  • Enables the easiest construction using 2 in SCH 40 Water Pipe
  • Unique Load Transport Tilt Up /Gin Pole Tower System
  • Most comprehensive Assembly Manual


  • Base Plate
  • Coupler(s)
  • Swivel T
  • Bell Reducer
  • Wire Rope Clamps
  • Thimbles
  • Steel Aircraft Cable
  • Anchor Re-Bars
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Concrete Foam
  • Templates
  • Optional EZ-Slip Gin Pole Adapter (makes installing and removing your Gin Pole a breeze)