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System 2000:

Top-Load Horizontal Washing System

Save Money and Resources by Doing Laundry

The Staber System 2000 is a top loading tumble action washer that offers consumers savings of up to $340 or more each year compared to traditional agitator washers simply by using fewer resources.*

For the average family doing 8 loads per week, this means savings of over 11,000 gallons of water, 800 kWh of electricity, and 10 gallons of liquid detergent each year compared to a traditional agitator washer. This means less work load sent to an individual septic system or community sewage treatment plant. Only 1 ounce of detergent is needed due to the use of only 15 gallons of water per load (compared to about 45 gallons and at least 4 ounces of detergent per load for a traditional agitator washer).

Saving all of these resources really helps our environment. By using up to 66% less water, 75% less detergent, and 50% less energy, consumers save on detergent costs and resources used throughout the year for the life of the washer. There is much less hot water to heat, less washer operating energy, and less drying time due to the faster spin speeds.


People are also able to wash more laundry in one load because of the unique top loading tumble action design and clean the laundry better due to the patented polygon-shaped tub design. Instead of a round tub, the Staber System 2000 uses an eight-sided outer tub with a six-sided inner tub that tumbles the laundry down repeatedly into a bottom pool of water.

This creates a unique pumping action that forces the water through the clothesbasket and gently tumbles the clothes to clean better. No agitator means you can wash large items, like blankets and rugs, which you would never fit in an agitator washer. The Staber System 2000 spins at a higher RPM than most agitator washers; this extracts more water which leads to less drying time.


The Staber System 2000 is designed and manufactured with innovation, quality, and durability in mind. Over 20 years of detailed laundry equipment re-manufacturing experience has guided the development and production of this new approach to the old concept of cleaning our clothes. Most importantly, the Staber System 2000 offers immediate environmental and financial advantages when compared to the traditional agitator washers currently on the market.

Staber System 2000 has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science ‘Best of What’s New’, Consumers Digest ‘1998 Best Buy Issue’, Country Living, and Home Power magazine. It is a family owned business in operation since 1976; originally a re-manufacturer of coin operated laundry equipment. In anticipation of upcoming Department of Energy guidelines on the efficiency of washing machines, it designed a top loading version of tumble action washers that is more efficient and exceeds these standards.


Many people are not aware of how much resources a washing machine uses, such as how many gallons of water are used in each wash cycle, or how many gallons of detergent are used each year. These costs are "hidden" in our utility and market bills. Simply because of the efficiency and design of the Staber System 2000, your savings in operating costs pay the initial price back in a short amount of time and continuously save literally thousands of dollars through the life of the machine.

This is the same as purchasing an investment with a guaranteed high rate of return. There will always be utility and detergent costs; therefore if you know you are using less resources compared to your current washer, you will pay hundreds of dollars less every year to use a Staber System 2000.


This innovative washing machine made by Staber Industries also gives alternative energy users an attractive option for handling their laundry needs. The Staber System 2000 runs very efficiently for consumers using solar power, operating on only 110–130 watt-hours of electricity per wash load. Unlike other washing machine manufacturers, the warranty is not voided when used on a solar power source.


Since the Staber System 2000 has such a simple design and no transmission to break down, it is built to last 20-25 years. Also, maintenance is so much easier because of this simple design and total front access to the belt and motor. Service is handled directly through the company, and most repairs are resolved with advice over the phone from the factory. This saves expensive maintenance calls and an expensive return trip for parts replacement. Parts are shipped to the consumer within two business days.


When you begin using the Staber System 2000, you begin saving money as well as the environment. The Staber System 2000’s reversible, variable-speed motor eliminates the need for a non-efficient transmission, meaning less energy used. Reduced water and detergent consumption already surpasses expected future Department of Energy mandates, helping reduce the harmful effects of chemical release into our water supply. In addition, all of the components can be recycled in the future.

The Staber System 2000 is very easy to use. Load up to 18+ pounds of dirty clothes into the large, top loading tub. Latch the tub’s doors, add detergent to the automatic dispensing system and close the lid. Then, program temperature, water level, and cycle settings on the user-friendly panel.

During the wash cycle, clothes are tumbled with reversing action, creating a passive pumping force, which is more effective in cleaning than the agitation of traditional washers. You will also notice less residual detergent found in your clothes due to the two full deep tumble rinses. This helps people with allergies related to excessive amounts of detergent residue left in clothing. Naturally, you have saved money, your clothes look and feel better, and you have taken a step to improve our environment.


As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Staber Industries has determined that its Staber System 2000 meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR label has been created by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help consumers quickly and easily identify home appliances and other products that save energy. ENERGY STAR is the symbol for energy efficiency.