"Help Beyond the Power Lines!"
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The Staber System 2000 Not Only Gives You Cleaner Clothes, it also gives you a break on your water and electric bills.

Top-loading convenience coupled with horizontal-axis washing action makes the Staber approach to clean clothes truly unique in design and benefits. With the money you save on water, electricity and detergent, the Staber System 2000 can actually pay for itself in about three years.

Reduced water and detergent consumption already surpasses expected Department of Energy mandates. This helps reduce the harmful effects of chemicals released into our water supply.

The savings do not stop there. In fact, the Staber System 2000 can extend the life of your clothes by cleaning them without wear and tear.

And the Staber 2000 will work on a 500 watt inverter making it perfect for "off the grid" power systems!