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What Makes a Classic? Take a Closer Look!

Superior quality, efficient operation, and customer convenience are built into every model. No wonder The Central Boiler Classic® is the top selling outdoor wood furnace!

1. Night light.
2. Waterproof, 100 percent airtight, urethane foam insulation.
3. Optimum water capacity.
4. Furnace constructed of heavy-gauge steel for longer life span.
5. Large, cast-iron door (CL 4436 and CL 5648) won't warp (lifetime warranty); convenient height for loading.
6. Rugged skid base framework for easy installation -- no cement elevation needed.
7. Intense heat collection and transfer area.
8. High-temperature secondary combustion area.
9. Insulated chimney -- easy-install extensions available.
10. Heavy-gauge chimney outlet transition through back eliminates sealing of chimney through roof.
11. Water-cooled Heat Lock Baffle™ traps heat in firebox -- won't warp or crack.
12. Engineered rectangular firebox design with stay pins -- won't collapse like round designs can.
13. Fittings and pump in enclosed area to prevent heat loss.
14. 3/8" thick, formed ash pan -- durable, easy to clean.

A Well Designed Outdoor Wood Furnace Is More Than A Box...

At Central Boiler we create the standard that others wish they could meet...and we build it everyday. Our line of Outdoor Wood Furnaces is unmatched! We have a better design and a more efficient firebox thanks to our exclusive Ripple-Top® construction and HeatLock Baffle™. Our customers say it's just common sense. We use sprayed-on, waterproof urethane insulation to keep the heat in, and we use industrial quality siding to withstand the elements and time. That all adds up to faster recovery times. The cast iron doors carry a lifetime warranty with the Central Boiler name proudly embossed in. And, our furnaces offer more surface area between the water and the fire to guarantee better heat transfer. Better Design, More Insulation, More Heat, and The Best Recovery Time. There is only on company that can deliver it all...Central Boiler.