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How Does the Staber System 2000 Compare With Front Load Washers? The way we justify a slightly higher price than some front load washers is that our Staber washer:
  • Uses about half the water (about 14.5 gallons compared to 25 gallons), thus less energy to heat the hot water
  • Uses less detergent (1 ounce compared to 2-3 ounces), due to less water per fill and better agitation with our patented tub design. This represents the largest savings.
  • Has a quicker payback period due to using less resources
  • Patented tub design creates water pumping action to clean more effectively than just circular tubs
  • Welded stainless steel inner and outer tubs, as opposed to a plastic outer tub
  • No front water seal (or rubber boot), eliminates future leaking problems
  • Two re-greasable bearings per shaft, supported on front and back, as opposed to just one bearing on the back of the tub which cannot be re-greased. This provides greater durability over time.
  • Total front access enables consumer to easily maintain and service washer
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Has top loading convenience

So, another way to look at it is that it costs about $365 to operate a front loader each year (in water/sewer, energy bill, and detergent costs), compared to just $175 with our Staber washer. Thus, you would save about $190 each year, and payback the initial price within 3 years.

You would notice a better cleaning action due to the patented tub design, and the greater durability provided by the re-greasable dual bearings and stainless steel tubs.

You can save more resources and money with the Staber System 2000 compared with other washers on the market; satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.