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The Most Efficient Way to Heat With Wood

The Central Boiler Classic® outdoor wood furnace achieves its ultimate efficiency by maximizing the wood combustion process. Wood gasification occurs when primary combustion in the firebox generates heat and combustible gases from the wood that rise into the secondary burn area. The HeatLock Baffle™ traps heat and gases causing them to burn, creating ultra-high combustion efficiency.

Wood Heat: Good For You, Good For Our Environment

A wood heating system is the right choice for the increasing number of people who are concerned about our environment. Unlike systems that rely on fossil fuels, wood is a totally renewable resource, which, when burned, results in no net carbon dioxide increase. Carbon dioxide is part of the natural plant-growth cycle and occurs naturally when trees are allowed to rot on the forest floor.

On the other hand, fossil fuels, when burned, release carbon dioxide which otherwise would stay trapped in the earth. This causes a net increase in carbon dioxide, which is believed to be responsible for the heat-trapping "greenhouse effect."

In addition, harvesting firewood has a pruning effect on forests, which allows new growth to flourish. And the wood you burn most likely comes from your local area -- it's not imported and not subject to price increases due to events outside your control, as is the case with oil.

How Wood Burns

Combustion of any fuel begins with heat and oxygen. In a wood furnace the coals and other burning logs create heat, causing the energy stored in the wood to be converted to combustible gases. These gases burn most thoroughly when given the proper time, temperature and oxygen. The design features of the Classic® outdoor wood furnace create an ultimate atmosphere to burn wood with ultra-high efficiency.

The Central Boiler Classic® Ripple Top® and HeatLock Baffle™ - We've been told time and time again by people like you, "now that makes sense!" And that's why they buy the Central Boiler Classic® outdoor wood furnace and cannot wait to tell others "it's the best investment we've made" and that "our house has never been this warm and safe." In fact, most of our furnaces are sold by word of mouth testimonials.

Most Efficient Firebox Design

No other wood furnace design on the market achieves this high efficiency performance like the Ripple Top® and HeatLock Baffle™ system, optimizing combustion and heat transfer for maximum delivered efficiency with low wood comsumption.