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The Classic Advantage

Why You Should Choose The Central Boiler Classic® Outdoor Wood Furnace

It is an alternative that eliminates the problems and increases the advantages of wood heat; a choice that can improve your family's living environment and standard of living, while eliminating the fire hazards and time-consuming chore of tending to a traditional wood stove.

The Classic Saves You Money

Get a Handle on Your Heating Bills

The Central Boiler Classic ™ outdoor wood furnace heats 100% of your home and hot water. By virtually eliminating your heating costs, The Classic can often pay for itself in the first two years of use. Over a ten year period a home-owner or business may save $10,000 to $50,000 or more in heating costs. And the Classic uses 25% to 50% less wood compared to traditional heating alternatives or other brands of outdoor wood furnaces.

The Classic Saves You Time

Low Maintenance Means Half the Work

Because it burns larger pieces, there's no splitting which significantly reduces the time you spend preparing the wood. The expansive firebox is designed for easy loading of wood and removal of ash.

The Classic Keeps You Safe

Ensuring Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Because The Classic can be located up to 500 feet away from your home or business, you eliminate fire hazards. Outside burning removes the threat of devastating chimney fires, dangerous carbon monoxide build-up or oxygen depletion which affects your indoor air quality.

Outdoor burning also removes smoke, ashes, odors and soot build-up on walls and ceilings.

The Classic is Good for the Environment

Burning Wood is Natural

Wood is a totally renewable resource and when burned results in no net increases in carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, when burned release carbon dioxide, which would otherwise be trapped in the earth. The burning of fossil fuels causes a net increase in carbon dioxide, which is believed to be responsible for the heat trapping 'greenhouse effect'.


"Before, with our two indoor wood stoves, we had problems with smoke in the house, soot, and dirt. We were concerned about how safe they were, and we had to load them every three hours. With our Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace, we feel much safer, and we only have to load it about every two days. Also, my son has asthma, and since we got the outdoor furnace, he's had fewer problems. I think it's because the air is much cleaner inside now. That was a real, unexpected benefit. Probably the best one of all."

Amy R.
Montgomery Center, Vermont