"Help Beyond the Power Lines!"
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"Help Beyond the Power Lines!"

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Location, Location, Location!

We have a different perspective on “offgrid” power. We live it! Our location In Northern Ontario, not far from the point where the rivers begin to flow north to the Arctic Ocean, has been successfully operating with out grid supplied power since 1995. Here the temperatures vary from 90+F in the summer to –45 F in the winter. If it works here it will work anywhere!

Why buy a kit?

Just as every person, business or location is unique, every system should be designed differently. That is why each system we install is designed to fit your needs.

For the average person, faced with all the different products and the different sources of power to work with, it can be a difficult task to come up with the right solution. We provide this service for FREE! Site visits and consultations can cost up to $100.00 or more. If you purchase one of our systems we will refund your on site consultation fee.

Energy conservation is an important part of every system and should not be overlooked. We will provide the products and information that you need to both reduce the size and cost of your system. 

If you require power for your home, cottage, farm or business we can provide the right solution for you. We sell and install only top quality components.

Solar modules from BP Solar & Shell Solar

Wind power supplied from Bergey Windpower,
Southwest Windpower and Areomax.

Diesel generators from 4,000 watts up to 2 megawatts
powered by Yanmar, Mistubishi John Deere, Volvo & other quality engines.

We are also a certified dealer for Xantrex, manufactures of Trace power conversion products.

Temiskaming Independent Energy,
Help Beyond the Power Lines!